Schedule of Charges

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WHY?Why so cheap? What is the market price for a website?

The market price for a simple website production is 50,000-100,000 yen for a simple design. However, the design and functionality are quite limited. On the other hand, a solid website will cost from 300,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen because of the design and functionality required.

We are one of the few website production companies that can offer low prices while combining design and functionality, because we have adapted design templates not only from Japan but also from other countries.

Our Strengths

Providing high quality and well-designed websites


Unbeatable pricing

We provide our customers with websites that would cost more than 1 million yen at other companies, at prices as low as 40,000 yen.


Extensive design templates

You can choose from more than 100 stylish templates.


Shortest delivery time in the industry

Fastest delivery possible in 3 days, the shortest in the industry. Usually takes 2 weeks.

We can also handle advanced functions that other companies cannot.

Website production cost

Simple Plan

150,000 yen

  • 2 pages
  • Black Icon Items
  • 1 month of after-sales support (extension possible)
Standard Plan

250,000 yen

  • 10 pages
  • Green Icon Function
  • 1 month of after-sales support (extension possible)
Premium Plan

400,000 yen

  • Page 15.
  • Green Icon Function
  • One of the red items (payment or reservation or matching, etc.)
  • 1 month of after-sales support (extension possible)
self-written plan

40,000 yen

  • Template selection and implementation
  • Server and domain contract agency
  • 1 month of after-sales support (extension possible)
  • Can be changed to other plans during the course of the program.
minimum plan

100,000 yen

  • 1 page
  • basic functionality
  • 1 month of after-sales support (extension possible)




From 10,000 yen

  • ・写真3件まで入替/月
  • ・簡易な記事更新 2件/月


  • ・月3投稿
  • ・インスタグラムまたは
  • ・Xまたは
  • ・Facebookの代理更新
  • ・英語可(中国語、他言語は相談)


  • ・初期設定5万円
  • ・月額費用は10万円以下の場合、20
  • 000円が最低ライン。

From 10,000 yen

  • ・会社紹介動画

From 10,000 yen

  • ・会社紹介資料
  • ・データ等

From 10,000 yen

  • ・ワードプレス内でHPのアクセスを確認可能
  • ・営業戦略を立てるのに便利




30,000 yen

  • ・日本語+1言語のみ
  • ・SEO対策無し


  • ・日本語+2言語
  • (追加の場合は1言語10
  • 000円)
  • ・SEO対策有

Reliable after-sales support even after delivery

Update Maintenance Management

basic plan

20,000 yen/month

  • Server and domain renewal ○
  • Support for questions via chat ○
  • Email address management ○
  • Minor revisions up to 4 locations per month ○
  • Automatic monthly backup ○ ○
  • Blog or News updating service 1 case/month ○
Leave it to us plan

30,000 yen/month

  • Server and domain renewal ○
  • Support for questions via chat ○
  • Email address management ○
  • Minor modifications up to 5 locations per month ○
  • Automatic monthly backup ○ ○
  • Blog or News updating service 2/month ○

We are confident that our products are second to none.

Security measures


From 50,000 yen

  • Security measures required by WordPress
  • Main measures
  • Anti-spam measures
  • SSL measures
  • File System Security
  • Database Security
  • Login Security
  • User Account Security
  • Blacklist function
  • Firewall
  • Prevention of brute force attacks
  • Whitelist/blacklist of IP addresses
  • Security Scan
Deployment of CDN Cloudflare

30,000 yen

  • Applicable to non-Wordpress websites
Website Optimization

From 10,000 yen

  • Image Size Reduction
  • Website speed UP
Backup measures

From 20,000 yen

  • Prepare for unexpected loss of data, etc.
Internal SEO

From 30,000 yen

  • Evaluation of title and meta description
  • Heading tag information
  • Is the system SSL-compliant?
  • Is the file size appropriate?

All plans are fully equipped with this item.

Basic Home Page Feature List

Web Form

Internal SEO


simplified form (of a sentence)

Security measures

SNS support

Smartphone support

Free Stock Images

New server and domain setup


Color-coded by plan *For details, go to the price list page.

List of Optional Home Page Features



Video Insertion

Installation of automated tools for multilingual websites

Introduction of free analysis tools

chat function

Language translation in manuals

Server Move

We can also provide systems that other companies cannot.

List of Optional Consulting Services

online payment

Reservation function

Recruitment Consulting

IT Consulting

Customer Attraction Consulting

Deployment of backup tools

Creation of marketing reports